Category: Scam

Advance Fee Fraud

This is just about the most basic form of African advance fee fraud scam that you can think of. The mechanics of the Advance Fee Scam (using Western Union, Money Gram or RIA) are simple. It usually starts off with an introduction of sorts then launches off into a bizarre claim that you are due…
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Commissioner McAllen-Miller

Summary Millions of dollars coming from the commissioner of “International airport Texas” in consignment boxes – if I pay someone in Africa by Western Union. Circulation: 2011 Status: Scam The Debunking Once again, an unsolicited email telling me of mysterious money coming out of nowhere available to me from a supposed government official. The catch…
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Mrs. Janet Napolitano

Summary (Former) Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano offers to broker a deal to allow me to get my millions of dollars from a consignment box in Africa. Circulation: Mid 2012 Status: Scam The Debunking This email, coming from Africa, not Washington, DC is filled with ALL CAPS, misspellings, errors and general nonsense that a…
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