Advance Fee Fraud

Since 1962

Advance Fee Fraud

This is just about the most basic form of African advance fee fraud scam that you can think of. The mechanics of the Advance Fee Scam (using Western Union, Money Gram or RIA) are simple. It usually starts off with an introduction of sorts then launches off into a bizarre claim that you are due money from some third world country for no apparent reason…

There are millions of dollars available/coming to you and you need to pay a fee to get the money. {Blah blah blah}. Send money by way of Western Union to my representative…

It always ends with the hook “Send money…” and they expect you to ask no questions, believe them with absolutely no proof and act immediately to send the cash.

Let’s have some fun. Let’s play fill in the blank:

Dear Beneficiary,

My name is {IMPORTANT OFFICIAL} from {RECOGNIZED ORGANIZATION} and I am letting you know that there was a payment made in your name from {RICH PERSON/BIG COMPANY/GOVERNMENT AGENCY} through {NAME OF BANK}. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up the money because of {TRAGIC CIRCUMSTANCE} and we were told by {OTHER IMPORTANT PERSON} that you need to get a {FICTIONAL DOCUMENT}.

The {FICTIONAL DOCUMENT} is only available from {THIRD WORLD COUNTRY} and you must pay {FEE}$ to {AFRICAN-SOUNDING NAME}. Fill in the information below:

FIRST NAME _____________________________

SURNAME ______________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________

CELL PHONE ___________________________

HOME PHONE ______________________________

BUSINESS PHONE __________________________

FAX PHONE ________________________________

NATIONALITY ___________________________

GENDER ________________________

SPOUSE _____________________________

OCCUPATION ____________________________

AGE ___________________

AMOUNT SENT ____________________________

MTCN ___________________________________

DATE SENT _______________________________


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