Month: February 2017

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Hi. I am Ken Greene and this is my blog.

AOL/Intel Merger

Summary You can get free money from Microsoft on behalf of AOL/Intel by forwarding the email. Circulation: 1999 Status: Hoax The Debunking There is no merger between AOL & Intel. This scam came out on the internet in 1999 after being retooled from an earlier Microsoft/AOL merger. Boy, AOL is sure busy merging! I’ve dissected…
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Commissioner McAllen-Miller

Summary Millions of dollars coming from the commissioner of “International airport Texas” in consignment boxes – if I pay someone in Africa by Western Union. Circulation: 2011 Status: Scam The Debunking Once again, an unsolicited email telling me of mysterious money coming out of nowhere available to me from a supposed government official. The catch…
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Mrs. Janet Napolitano

Summary (Former) Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano offers to broker a deal to allow me to get my millions of dollars from a consignment box in Africa. Circulation: Mid 2012 Status: Scam The Debunking This email, coming from Africa, not Washington, DC is filled with ALL CAPS, misspellings, errors and general nonsense that a…
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