Thanks for stopping by. I’m Ken Greene and this is the newest incarnation of my website. I realize you have a choice when you browse the web and I’m glad you stopped by here to visit.

Please note: I have just completed a major renovation to the website, including a fresh install of the updated version of WordPress and a restructuring of the articles. If you have problems finding articles, please check out the site map.

A little about me: As my friends & regular visitors know, I married a most wonderful woman, Midalia (a.k.a. – Mickie). I’m a husband, father, step-father and even a grandpa. I’ve been a computer geek for over 20 years. A Commodore 64© was my first computer back in 1985. I bought a floppy disk drive to go with it and I was hooked on computers there and then. Since then, I’ve tried to learn all I could about computers and what makes them tick. I am self-taught and love playing around with computers.


In a nutshell, I want to empower you, the average computer user, to surf the internet free of predators and wackos that want to destroy your pc, hack/steal your data or outright make you look like a fool. What I aim to do is help you protect your computer, keep your stuff safe and save your dignity. Oh, and pay a lot less in doing it.

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